OPI Starlight Collection Holiday 2015 - Part 2


 *drum roll please*
Are you guys ready for the second part of our swatches for this year's Holiday Collection from OPI?!?
Prepare to be dazzled! Here's the Starlight colletion:
OPI Starlight Collection Holiday 2015
First up is 'Ro-Man-Ce on the Moon'! This is a red metallic/shimmer polish. A teeny tiny bit streaky but besides that, it's a lovely color!

OPI Ro-man-ce on the moon 

OPI Ro-man-ce on the moon

'I Drive a Supernova' is also a mix between metallic och shimmer. Unfortunately, I feel like I've seen this silver-y polish before, and not just once. The coverage is good and is opaque in two coats.

OPI I drive a supernova

'Press * For Silver' is a silver-ish metallic polish but with a hint of pink or rose gold. Even though it does apply a bit streaky, I still like the color! One of the reasons is probably because I don't a nail polish like this. Two coats for full coverage.

Press * for silver

Press * for silver

All right, now we're talking! 'Let you love shine' is a red shimmer polish. I absolutely love the shimmer and sparkle! I applies beautifully and is opaque in two coats. I definitely feel like I could wear this color for Christmas!

OPI Let your love shine

 'Guys & Galaxies' is one out of the everyday wear-colors from this collection. It's a gorgeous dark, burgundy and the formula is perfect! One of my favorites. Two yummy coats for full coverage.

 OPI Guys & Galaxies

OPI's description of 'Ce-Less-Tial Is More' is 'a pink super-glitter with heavenly light' and I couldn't agree more! It dries matte and textured, pretty much like the liquid sand polishes, but I've applied top coat to this swatch and that does the trick if you prefer it shiny! It's jam packed with glitter and almost a one coater.

 OPI Ce-less-tial is more

Say hello to 'No More Mr. Night Sky'! This color is dark, shimmery and a perfect shade of grey. I thoguh the formula was a bit thin at first but you get perfect coverage in two coats, so don't worry! This color is definitely perfect for New Year's.

OPI No more mr night sky

   OPI No more mr night sky

'Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite' is a confetti glitter with a mix of different shapes and colors. I think it goes great with 'No More Mr. Night Sky'! The formula is good and no fishing required.

   OPI No more mr night sky Two wrongs don't make a meteorite

Last, but DEFINITELY not least... 'Give Me Space'! I love, love, love this color! It so sparkly and deep that you can almost loose yourself in the color. My absolute favorite among the 18 colors. The formula is great and opaque in two coats.

I hope you guys have enjoyed our swatches and if you have any questions regarding the line, just comment below!


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  1. beautiful swatches! I love no more mr night sky and press * for silver

    1. Thank you! NMMNS is definitely one of my favorites as well :) /Elli