OPI Washington DC A/W 2016 - Swatches and Review


You guys are in for a treat today! Or at least if you're like me and love fall colors and creme polishes...
This is the OPI Washington DC Collection!
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016
OPI has teamed up with Kerry Washington to create this collection and the colors are inspired by the great fashion houses. It contains 15 (!!) gorgeous creme polishes and all of the colors are perfect for autumn and winter. Three of them are limited edition.
I will not go on ranting about the formulas for each color, because I will just be writing the same thing over and over. The formulas are... P-E-R-F-E-C-T. If you have watched my video for this years Soft Shades Collection, you know I had a bit of issues with the formula being a little bit on the runny side. You will not have that problem with this collection! All of the colors also have great coverage as well (and a lot of them are near one coaters). The only one that you miiight want to paint a third layer to is "Pale to the Chief".
Oh well, enough babbling! Ready for some swatches?

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016
First up is "Shh... It's Top Secret!". A dark brown, nearly black shade. It reminds me a bit of "You don't know Jacques" but I haven't had time to do any dupe swatches yet so they might just be similar in my head. Although Jacques is supposed to be one of Kerry's favorite OPI colors, so maybe I'm not far from the truth?

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Shh... It's Top Secret!
"Squeaker of the House" is up next. This is a cool, brown shade and it kind of makes me think of the browns of the Nordic Collection but cooler.
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Squeaker of the House
"Never a Dulles Moment" is a warm, creamy yellow. I'm usually not a fan of wearing yellow on my nails for several day but there is something about this shade of yellow that really feels trendy and I do feel pretty wearing it!
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Never a Dulles moment

One of my favorites - "Freedom of Peach". It's a light copper shade. Even though it's has peach in it's name, I don't really get the peachy vibe. Maybe it's an autumn peach? Anyhow, love love love this color!
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Freedom of Peach
"Pale to the Chief" is like I mentioned earlier the only shade that I had a tiny issue with the coverage. I have two coats on the picture but in some lights you might see a peek of my tips. This is also the only shade with a little bit of shimmer in it, but honestly it's more visible in the bottle than painted on the nail. I do feel like I've seen similar shades before like "Be there in a Prosecco" and "My vampire is Buff".

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Pale to the chief

Next up is one of the limited edition shades called "Kerry Blossom". It's the only purple in this collection and I would call it a deep, dark grape-ish purple.
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Kerry blossom

"Inside the Isabelletway" is the second limited edition shade and it's a yummy, brown caramel. I would say the closest thing to I dupe to this (that I own) is "Going my way or Norway?" from the Nordic Collection.
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Inside the Isabelletway
The darker coppar shade is called "Yank my Doodle". This is also one of my favorites! I think it's so flattering and I predict I will be wearing this a lot this coming fall.

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Yank my Doodle

Let's go on to one of the brighter shades of the collection - "Madam President". This shade is perfect. I don't know what else to say. Just look at it. No words needed.

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Madam President
The same for this shade... Perfection in a bottle! I would say that "OPI by Popular Vote" is a bit more raspberry than the above and a bit darker. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! 

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 OPI by Popular Vote

"Stay Off the Lawn!!" is, I guess, supposed to be a grass-like color but I don't really see grass when I look at it. Beautiful green however with maybe a touch of blue or petrol?
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Stay off the lawn!!
I kind of feel like this is a more grass-like color but this shade is called "Suzi - The First Lady of Nails". I want to start making some military nail art right away when I'm wearing this beauty.

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Suzi - The first lady of nails

This dark petrol or teal shade is called "CIA = Color is Awesome" and I agree! I would say it's similar to "Skii Teal We Drop" but this has a hint of gray in it.

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 CIA = Color Is Awesome
Last of the limited editions shades is "Liv in he Gray". Would you look as this dark gray beauty? Doesn't get much better than this.

OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 Liv in the Gray

Okay, I retract my statement... It does get a liiittle bit better! "We the Female" is my absolute favorite of the collection. I can't say if it's red or pink but it's a perfect darker shade and I own nothing like it! Great job Kerry, Suzi and OPI!
OPI Kerry Washington DC AW 2016 We the Female
I will try to make a video the upcoming weak with live swatches and some dupes. I will post the video in a new post as soon as I'm done editing.
I hope you've enjoyed my swatches and I'll be back soon with some more AW goodies. 

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