IsaDora Nail Bar - Spring 2016


IsaDora Nail Studio Nail Bar

Hi you guys!
Today I'm sharing some spring news from IsaDora. This is their Nail Studio, or Nail Bar, Collection! It contains two nail primers in Glossy and Natural, the Quick dry dropper and a volumizing top coat. I'll also give a quick review of IsaDora's Quick Dip Nail Polish Remover.
I will share my thoughts of the collection below and at the end you'll find a video where I'm using these products including the gel laquer from IsaDora in Marron Glacé.
First up, the nail primers!
IsaDora Nail Primer Glossy Natural

These are two base coats that are meant to prime and nourish our nails. You can use these primers on their own or as a base coat for a longer wear. I really like this product both as a base coat and for a clean nude-looking mani. I just got these products so I haven't had time to try if it does make your polish stay on for longer.
For this picture, I have painted three coats of the glossy nail primer, two thin coats of the holographic glitter 'Star struck', one coat of Wonder nail Top coat volume and then I used the Quick dry dropper. I love the nude-ish feel with the holographic glitter.
IsaDora Nail Primer Glossy Natural

Next is the new Wonder nail top coat that adds volume to you nails!

This new top coat is meant to add volume to your nail but at the same time giving you a long lasting and super shiny finish.
I think this is my favroite product in this collection. The shine is amazing and as you can see from the before and after shot, it definitely adds volume to your nail! It also dries quickly, even without the use of the Quick dry dropper.
IsaDora Wonder Top Coat Volume Super Shine Before After
Next up is the Quick Dry Dropper.

IsaDora Quick dry dropper

From wet to set! You apply a drop towards the center of your newly polished (lol, get it?) nail. The drop evens out and covers the entire nail. It does make you nails dry a lot quicker than regular polish but the first time I tried the drops my cuticles got a bit dry. This didn't happen the second time I tried it, so maybe it was just something with me the first time.

Here's the video I mentioned earlier where I use almost all of the products from the collection. I decided to use a color (Gel Laquer Marron Glacé) on top of the primer just to get some contrast for the before and after shot of the top coat.

The last Product I will be sharing with you today is IsaDora Quick Dip Nail Polish Remover.

IsaDora Quick Dip Nail polish remover

This baby is acetone free, which is a must for me and my dry cuticles and nails. The Swedish Winter can be rough... However, the first thing I noticed was that the sent was different from similar products I've tried before. The smell is of course a bit strong, it is still remover we're talking about, but what surprised me was what my fingertips smelled like after I had removed the polish and washed my hands. They. Smelt. Amazing! I also had Marron Glacé painted on my nails when I tried the remover and you nail nerds know that a dark red polish usually is a nightmare to remove, but not this time! It works really, really well.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, just comment below.


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