My favorite burgundys!


Fall is just around the corner and I am so ready to put away my neons and pastels and dig out all my dark reds, browns and blacks! So I thought I would share my favorite oxblood/burgundy shades. I have chosen three different brands in different price ranges. I'll with the cheapest brand and work my way up!

First up is IsaDora Marron Glacé. Out of the three, I like IsaDora's brushes the most and the shine is AMAZING! The price is also great, approx. 89 kr.

OPI Guys & Galaxies is from their Christmas collection for 2015. The formula is perfectly creamy and it has a touch of brown to it. You can buy this color for approx. 155 kr. 

Dior Rouge Garconne, is the most expensive color (approx. 265 kr) but it doesn't disappoint! This has a little more purple to the undertone and the shine is flawless. However, the brush could be better but it's still perfectly manageable!

So, which of these three should you buy? Honestly, these are three amazing polishes and it doesn't matter which one you choose - you won't be disappointed! It all comes down to which brand and brush you prefer and how much money you want to spend. Happy shopping!


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